Our Team and Delivery Community

Significant Seams has a small group of core artists and creative people who are passionate about art for health and community building work.

Most are specialists in working with vulnerable people, and bring lived and specialist experience of trauma or mental ill health. Some bring other specialist skills.

Our collective practice draws on nature and explores themes of identity and community. Each artist is self employed and maintains their own practice, in addition to our collaborative work.

We co-develop and bid for larger projects together. We provide each other peer support, and work to secure developmental support for each other for arts for mental health activities.

Our values, impact and financial acumen are overseen by a small governing body representing all of our stakeholders and interests.

  • Catherine West
    Catherine is the founder of Significant Seams, and a Director. Her work explores the ecosystems of rural Devon, and the achieving balance between community and individual, especially for vulnerable groups. She incorporates traditional techniques such as hand dyeing and wool spinning into contemporary views of sustainability and environmental and community care.  Find out more: http://catherineobrienwest.wordpress.com/ 
  • Carolyn Neville
    Carolyn is Human Resources Professional and a former participant in our programmes who has now started her own Social Enterprise using art for wellbeing, “Creative Communities Ilfracombe.” Carolyn has lived experience of neurodiversity, physical health challenges, and mental health struggles. She has recently become a School for Social Entrepreneurs Fellow, completing a Start-up programme at
  • David Floyd, Chair
    David is Managing Director of Social Spider CIC. In addition to publishing a range of community media, he supports, researches and writes about social enterprise and social innovation, specialising in social enterprise development and social investment. Social Spider is also known for its extensive work around mental health issues. Davis is also a Director of Doing Social,
  • Keir Cooper
    Keir is an artist working with music, performance and writing, often with close collaborations. Currently he is presenting theatrical novel WILD TIME, a subversion of Shakespearean narratives, touring in 2023. Music-making includes writing for jazz-rock band A Sweet Niche, touring with rock band Yossarian and a new operatic work in the making. Theatre writing and performance

We love working in wider collaborations – most often done via projects and commissions. Significant Seams has been lucky to support, host, and work with a fabulous array of artists and creative people.