Through 2023 we worked alongside Sustainable Crediton to define objectives, develop project ideas that volunteers could support, to review and improve governance and information management, develop creative projects and engage new volunteers.

The previously unincorporated group now has recruited a founding board and is registering with the Charity Commission. Twice monthly it now offers engaging creative activities alongside information about environmental actions in the ‘Sustainabubble’ – a pop-up green wellbeing hub, named by public vote during the 2023 Green Fair.

Planning and instigating projects

Our founder brings experience from two world leading consultancy firms, a University, and two international Festivals (one associated to Yale University), and a track record of imagining and helping bring plans into reality. Further, she attracts and supports extraordinary people.

The team bring an array of talents which can be deployed to help you move from idea to plan and beyond. How can we help you?

Creative Wellbeing programmes

Our involvement with the Erasmus funded Art & Social Change Project deepened our expertise in Creative Health, particularly regarding health workers and counteracting burnout and empathy fatigue.

In SW England over 600k working age people are living with common mental health challenges. How are your colleagues? How can we help your organisation? Contact us!

Marketing, Media and Management Support

It takes a lot of tasks the public never see to create a successful project. Organisations and their leaders know their work best, but often are time-poor by the time they’ve pulled the stakeholders and objectives together. Our team understand this and are keen to support exciting projects around themes we care about (creativity, health, wellbeing, the environment, making) – because creative inspiration often comes from unexpected associations. How might we help your initiative?