A Craftivist Wellbeing Action from ‘You are So Very Beautiful’ (2016)

This project is worth trying. You don’t need to be part of a global day of action to affirm yourself or a stranger. It’s a lovely activity to send positive, supportive vibes into your community.

Appliqué and the Environment

Download our helpful guide to get you going with upcycling and appliqué and to impress your friends with your knowledge of the role of Textiles in the Climate Crisis.

We created this printable to help groups and individuals talk about the realities of climate change and learn skills to help change the UK’s dubious distinction of being the 4th largest Textile waste producer in the world.

Patchwork Tote Bag with Sew-In Label

This pattern and guidance on colour theory for patchwork was created during our collaboration with St Petrock’s Charity and is for sale over in our shop. It comes with a sew-in label to show you are part of the craftivism movement.

A jarful of inspiring activities

Print and cut out this page of inspiring activities for wellbeing to make your own go-to jar of inspiration.

Getting started with embroidery

Download our helpful guide to get you going with your first embroidery project.

We created this printable to help people participate in the 2020 Quarantine Quilt Project. The 12 pages of stitch-tastic guidance is useful to have on hand for any time.