Workshops for Wellbeing

Working in a group is really helpful. It’s sharing, validating, therapeutic, confidence-building.

Gillie, One North Devon Commission

It is accessible to someone who has never done craft before. For that moment you are involved in an activity. It is the involvement, focus, doing that is important.

Online DRLC Course Participant

Our tutors understand and advocate for making in ways that accentuate the wellbeing impacts of creative activity. The experience of doing an art activity, more than talking about behaviour changes, fuels a virtuous circle of positive outcomes.

  • #BagsforCommunity Workshops
    In this workshop, emerging from our #bagsforcommunity project, we inspire you to make a personally meaningful bag: we guide you from drawing (however basic or elaborate) a local place, and translating it into a patchwork pattern for yourself. You will make a totebag with a personally meaningful design on one side and a stencilled patch
  • What Do You Care About? Dahlia the Care Emoji Workshop
    A Craftivism and Community Building Workshop to understand your team’s priorities and build their Self-Confidence and Resilience In the session, participants will make an emoji and use action learning inspired techniques to explore “What do you Care About?” The workshop can be framed to particularities of your business context and the business concerns of the
  • Playful Portraiture
    This course builds comraderie through laughter and reflection. No drawing experience is needed or expected. This fun one-off session is about team building and eliciting appreciation of multiple perspectives, focusing on seeing, and trusting our individual senses and each other. A great session to incorporate into a team building day.
  • Silent Zoom for Craftfulness
    This is a weekly, hour long crafting session with no instruction, where the craft/activity and action of hands working is the focus. It provides the opportunity for people to bring their own craft/activity and work together in meditative silence in the presence of others. Students will bring their own craft/activity to work on during the
  • Freestyle Patchwork
    Quickly make a patchwork totebag from old clothes or discarded fabrics and learn about the characteristics of different fabrics and stitches. This patchwork course is about breaking ‘the rules’ of sewing sensibly by understanding the principles and what the rules are trying to mitigate. It’s also about being ecologically engaged and living greener.
  • Patchwork for Wellbeing
    How to make a coaster as a means to understand the anatomy of a quilt and the main steps of quilting making. Also, a hot drink, and ideally a biscuit or slice of something sweet, are typical part of a quilters kit.
  • Textiles & Nature: Crafting Natural Inspiration
    In the course, students try out a range of artistic techniques that explicitly engage with nature or use natural materials. In each session they also have a foray into the immediate local environment to find some ‘natural inspiration.’ Activities include cyanotypes (aka sun prints), shadow drawing, rust dyeing, direct printing with plants, making a journal,
  • Slow Stitch for Wellbeing
    This course is inspired by the Slow Movement and supported by the eloquent expressions of our friend and artist Claire Wellesley-Smith in her book, ‘Slow Stitch.’ It is typically delivered in 6 sessions online. It weaves together practical instruction and silent meditation. During the course, students will be guided in creating a beautiful and unique
  • Craftfulness for Wellbeing
    This course is inspired by the book of the same name by Arzo Tamsin and Rosemary Davidson. Whilst it integrates acts of making it is framed by the academic and medical research that explains why creativity and making is good for health. It is especially useful for organisations and groups seeking to offer meaningful and

Our work and track record in this area are recognised in the report by the Baring Foundation Creatively Minded: The Directory.

Many additional skills and workshops are available on a private basis. All booking support our wider community activities. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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