#BagsforCommunity Workshops

In this workshop, emerging from our #bagsforcommunity project, we inspire you to make a personally meaningful bag: we guide you from drawing (however basic or elaborate) a local place, and translating it into a patchwork pattern for yourself. You will make a totebag with a personally meaningful design on one side and a stencilled patch celebrating your community on the other. No sewing machine experience is needed. We take care of the technical and are beside you step-by-step. We respond to your level of experience and offer support to help you develop your skills.

Along the way we are having friendly conversations- with a particular emphasis on making, textile industry stuff, climate change and wellbeing. We are finding them pretty tightly interwoven in surprising ways: knowing how to do a thing, having the time to do it, or learn to do it, knowing where the materials come from, understanding how they are made, knowing if how it is made has helped or hurt people and planet, feeling there is choice, feeling proud of the choices made.

We weigh every totebag made and credit its maker on our rolling tally of fabric reclaimed.

Our creative lead on this workshop is Catherine West, who is named a Love Your Clothes Champion by WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme nationally.