Sewing for Social Good

Sewing for Social Good

Our Suffragette Sash Making workshops and kits emerged from a major arts commission to engage a wide range of people to reflect about the significance of World War I during the centenary period.

Seeing the story of suffrage in this context proved powerful in increasing young people’s understanding of both the profound changes in women’s roles in society, and the realities of the period of the Great War. Our kits also proved valuable to a range of women’s groups, community organisations, and a University’s Student Union in engaging scores of people to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

Read more about how our suffragette sash making workshops can be used to support the National Curriculum here

How can we support your social good project? Our creative team bring a distinctive approach and insight, have extensive access to creative supplies and social change networks. We can provide products from our projects, including market research and creative evaluation, as well as new project ideas, plans and kits to enable them.

What are you trying to change? Who are you trying to involve? What do you want to make? 

Project Products

Changing inventory of kits, supplies, and creative makes. We sometimes make notecards and sketchbooks featuring community artworks too.

Supplies for our Techniques

Proceeds from the shop help support our community work and artists doing arts facilitation for wellbeing and mental health.

Books & Makes

We also sell items on behalf of artists and occasionally have donated original quilts and artworks.