Sue Side

Sue Side is an artist based in both Oxfordshire and Devon. She uses graphite, charcoal and ink to tell the stories hidden in the local environment and to capture the many subtle details that characterise humanity. See most recent work at

Sue frequently works to commission. Please do get in touch.

Sue is also an Arts Award Advisor at Discover and Explore levels.

From Sue:

I have recently moved to Devon and am already completely in love with the land and light here! People and place continually fascinate and inspire me, and I have had a pencil and sketchbook in my hand for as long as I can remember.

I am drawn to our local environment of tree, bird, land and sky. I enjoy watching the slow interaction between trees and the way they settle in the landscape. Using ink and charcoal techniques, I explore the atmosphere of this quiet environment, before linking tree to sky, where I explore the movement and incredible energy of starling murmurations.

I also explore the human narrative through portraiture. My challenge is to capture that transient, shifting expression of self; that fleeting look that tells an individual’s story. I particularly love to focus in on the finer, subtle details that are often missed. Drawing rather than painting also brings something less tangible to my work – the fact that it can be easily rubbed out hints at the temporary nature of our existence.

I exhibit regularly as a member of The Oxford Art Society and have recently been elected to the Society of Graphic Fine Arts. I have taken part in Oxfordshire Artweeks for many years and have been selected to exhibit in several national open exhibitions The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Royal Society of British Artists, The SGFA and the Royal Watercolour Society to name a few.