The Softer Side of Regeneration (2013-16)

Amidst roadworks, pulled up paving, and growing attention to yarn bombing, we had rich conversations across a North East London community in the top 5% of deprived wards nationally.

With the smell of macadam in our nostrils, we declared there must be a softer side to regeneration. Then we decided, we would be it.

Yarn bombing and guerilla knitting sound inherently violent. Our community, older, multi-cultural, and crafty, didn’t like that. Besides what if it rained? The city grime would make the wool grey and grim quickly.

An initial series of surprise installations created a range of positive engagements across the neighbourhood, leading to the creation of many more pillow cases and installations- and perhaps more improtantly, new community connections and lots of conversations.

We were then invited to contribute a family day event at the William Morris Gallery in association with Bob & Roberta Smith‘s Exhibition, “Art is a Human Right.’