Okehampton Holiday Activity & Food Programme22- 25 August 2022

Freestyle Patchwork and Eco Printing/Dyeing: Freed to remake a healthier world

A four day programme for 11-16 year olds in Devon

Booking online via Eventbrite

Participants will be challenged to use textiles that have otherwise been dubbed ‘waste material’ to create something useful and beautiful. They will be able to hand or machine stitch, and make and use natural dyes with Artist Catherine West.

Along the way will have the chance to learn about plants and the antural environment, and craft traditions of embroidery, quilting and patchwork.

Young people from Crediton have dubbed West’s approach ‘Freestyle Patchwork.’

The UK has the dubious distinction of being the fourth largest textile waste producer in Europe: 35% of microplastics in the oceans are attributable to the textile industry. Textile production contributes 10% of global emissions and uses massive amounts of fresh water. So in this workshop session we will breathe new life into older fabric with our individual and collective creativity. We will be based at the Okehampton Ecohub, alongside Okehampton College and be able to make dyes from plants there as well as ones West has collected.