The Quarantine Quilt Project

We’re leading a national project to connect textile responses to covid-19, to share learning and emerging models of remote delivery! Full details available at

We will lead the creation of a  Community Quilt thanks to Arts Council funding in response to the effect Coronoavirus is having on our lives.  In fact, we are  inviting people to make patches for one of several community quilt projects across the country, providing free learning materials online, and developing new ways to deliver remote arts-based courses. The first courses will be delivered free to Devon residents this summer via Devon Recovery Learning Community (@Devonrlc), which is part of Devon NHS Partnership Trust. 

People are invited to send stitched words or designs which reflect their feelings and responses to the pandemic.

An emerging network of organisations, artists, and projects across the UK are producing quilts in response to Covid-19 and the changes it has had on people’s lives. Alongside Significant Seams, so far,  projects in Oxford, Cambridge, London, Essex, Bradford, Derbyshire, West Derbyshire, Somerset and West Yorkshire have signed up to ‘The Quarantine Quilt Project.’

These include textile projects in response to Covid-19, arts & health organisations, and community organisations supporting one or more such projects. The emerging network invites other projects to get in touch with It is hoped the network will amass evidence of the positive impacts on health and well-being of such textile projects, and share emerging best practice for remote health and well-being arts engagement.

Everyone is invited to contribute three types of patches to this Significant Seams project:

A stitched word for ‘The Wall of Words’ on a 5inch high x 7 inch wide rectangle with a word or phrase within the 4 x 6 inch centre area (leaving a ½” seam allowance all the way around the design. Alternately (or additionally) SW residents are encouraged to submit

Any design representing feelings, responses and experiences related to the coronoavirus pandemic on 7 inch squares with your design centered within the 6inch centre area.

A 13″ patchwork design – 12″inches will be visible in the finished artwork.

Along with a form available at , completed patches should be sent by 15 September 2020, to:

Significant Seams 

Apple Studio

℅ Carpenters Cottage

Crediton Hamlets

EX17 5BX

The Quarantine Quilt will be part of an online exhibition in the first instance. Further plans are subject to evolving circumstances.