We are all unfinished….

And we all have unfinished projects. Don’t we? Sometimes the point isn’t finishing. Like doodling. We aren’t setting out to make a great masterpiece when we doodle, but sometimes they are great, right? Sometimes they are where a pretty good idea is born. Which we may or may not get on with doing.

And sometimes we really, really do want to finish the thing… but that particular thing is just not the same kind of inspiring. Sometimes the set-up is such a pain, sometimes the task is just boring. There are all sorts of reasons a task is unfinished.

Creativity & Wellbeing Week is 15-21 May this year. We were thinking it was in June. So it sort of snuck up on us. And the idea of ‘unfinished planning’ was a sort doodle of an idea we’ve run with.

We have kit: 8 sewing machines, 4 irons and ironing boards, a drum carder, 3 sets of hand carders, 20+ drop spindles, 5? needle felting stations, knitting needles, crochet hooks, donated yarns.

We’ve hired a hall for Saturday 20 May, 10- 1, at the Methodist Church in Crediton (there’s outside space for us to hang some jolly textile-y creations on… if we get to it.

We’re going to bring our kit and set up zones. You can bring a project. Or start a new one. We’re won’t judge.

We’ve phoned a friend, or ten. Turning Tides are going to bake and sell goodies, and various refreshments. And Creative and/or Wellbeing orientated organisations, businesses and friends have said they will pitch up with stalls. Information on area invitations to get involved or get some support. If we haven’t contacted you and you’d like a stall, email us. Let’s see what we can sort. We’re still ‘UNFINISHED’ with the planning.

And even if you aren’t sure about ‘doing’ a thing or are actually really good at finishing things, we’d love it if you came along.

All this is also an excuse to be connected, and not lonely in the ‘doing’ of life, creatively shaped into being.

See you there!