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You are So Very Beautiful * 2016

In Baltimore, USA, Betsy Greer, the author of the book Craftivism has initiated a project ‘You are So Very Beautiful’, where people are being invited to create positive affirmations to then give away, by leaving them in public places where someone else will find them.

For this, Betsy has joined forces with a crafter in Vancouver, and with us at Significant Seams in London. Stitched positive affirmations are being collected in these three places and will then be left in public places in those three cities. So we are hoping that ALL of you will help, by making these affirmations.

In Betsy Greer’s words:

“We live in a world where the media constantly tries to tell us what is in, out, cool, passé. Every day we have to fight to remember that we are enough just as we are, we are beautiful just as we are.”

It’s time to remind both ourselves and others of just how wonderful we are just as we are.

To read more about Betsy’s inspiration, click here.

The more of these stitched positive affirmations made and sent in, the bigger potential impact this project will have on people’s lives. The more pieces, the greater opportunity for individuals to come across them when they have been left in public places, and the more there are to be picked up and kept, or given away to others.

We’re collecting stitched affirmation signs to leave out for the public in London.

Here is how to join in:

Make a sign (no bigger than palm size, please) that contains an affirmation starting with “You are” on it. All types of craft are okay, so run with it! It’s up to you if you tag it with your @social_media_handle, but please tag it on the back of the sign with #yasvb.

Send so it arrives before February 5, 2016 to:

Significant Seams
131 Wood St
London E17 3 LX

A kit with prepared felt, a needle and embroidery threads is available from us at 131 Wood Street for just £3.

Use the contact form, selecting the subject ‘Volunteering’ to get involved in London, helping drop, leading making sessions, or simply to find and meet others who are participating.

And yes! You are welcome to share this callout with anyone you see fit!

Want to do a drop in your city? Want to write about this project? Email Betsy Greer!

*You Are So Very Beautiful is what I’m calling this for right now, because I think that we, no matter what our gender orientation, can have a problem seeing this about ourselves, regarding both our inner and outer beauty. And seeing ourselves as beautiful is a radical act.” Betsy Greer

Written by significantseams

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