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Who is our friend Fish Devon?

Recently we received a nondescript package of deeply meaningful sentiment, it landed in our Significant Seams mailbox. A package of unsolicited elegance, aged and lovely lace with a handwritten letter. We are so moved we wanted to share with you all because we hope you may too FEEL the impact and connecting textile craft, open conversations about art for wellbeing, and careful and expert art facilitation has.

The letter reads

I came upon your site while browsing ‘slow stitching.’  As I was digging through my stash for the above I came across a bag of lace which was given to me by a lady who sewed fabric with twine to wood on aircraft.

This is just a small amount of that lace. I hope you can make use of it.

 I am still seeing at 81 and used to drive my sewing teacher at school mad when I sewed a bunch of flowers and leaves in as many different blues as I could find.

 I still have those flowers, they are 60 years old. She was an excellent teacher and stern. She would have loved ‘Pinterest.’

 As you can see packaging I recycle everything.

 From fish Devon to farm Devon

A small additional bag labelled, ‘the small hearts I dyed blue and I also dyed the small daises for another project lilac.’

Suffice to say this package has been received with humbling gratitude. It has raised questions and triggered ideas.

How it will be used is yet to be determined, but it has already underscored so many of our values… the ecology of craft is community, stories, and ways of living, not only knowing where things come from.

So we have several mysteries, can you help us to solve?

Who is our friend from Fish Devon?

Who is the artist who sewed fabric with twine to an aircraft?

How might we ensure the story and heritage through these lace is artistic appropriately honoured?


Written by Sue Turner

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