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Volunteer Voices: Rosa

Volunteer Voices is back! Lauren, the Blog Coordinator, is stepping down from her post for personal reasons, so we’re going to use this opportunity to introduce you to the new blog team over the next two weeks.

We’re starting off with me, Rosa. I’ll be one of your blog writers. I’m also a passionate writer and storyteller.


What do you do at Significant Seams?

I’ll be blogging regularly about exciting local events and projects (We have an upcoming post about the money-saving tips project we’re partnering with the Hornbeam and other local organisations on, We Love Low Cost Living), and working with some of our most talented crafters to bring you detailed and fun tutorials. I’m also a big fan of our Literary Soiree events.

What brought you to Significant Seams?

I have always wanted to be a writer, and after I recently returned from working abroad, I saw Significant Seams were looking for a blog writer. I wanted to get my writing started and get some practice writing for the internet, and the Significant Seams volunteers welcomed me warmly and offered me cake. I’m having fun so far!

Are you making anything right now?

My interests lean more towards crafting words, but I’m working on a few short stories and some poetry. I’m also writing something for my favourite hobby, a sort of storytelling game I’m preparing for some friends of mine.

What do you dream of making or learning, and why?

Like most writers, I’d love to finish a novel, but I’m sure the sewists reading already feel like this is a little off topic, so that’s enough on that!

How has making been significant for you?

I learned to replace buttons, hem trousers, and make basic repairs from a young age, and this has always been an invaluable skill. As a society, we can’t afford to forget basic practical skills that let us look after ourselves, and having experts around is always useful. My writing has a deeper meaning for me in that I’ve always felt like our world needs improvement, and stories showed me that this isn’t the only way things can be. This is why I’m so interested in craftivism and community projects, they seem very deeply linked to my own reasons for crafting, even if I do it with words.

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