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Volunteer Voices: Paul

Hello, everyone! Here’s a MenDING Volunteer Voices from our bookkeeper, Paul.


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What do you do at Significant Seams?

At the moment, I am the Bookkeeper. I do this in a voluntary capacity, as well as being the acting Company Secretary to the Board. This means that I enter all of the financial data into a financial software package called Sage plus I cash up the till every week to make sure it balances.

What brought you to Significant Seams?

Catherine. I was elected as a Councillor for Chapel End in 2010. Not long after that, Catherine, who is a Chapel End resident, starting emailing me about trying to get Significant Seams off the ground. As a keen cross stitcher I was very interested in what she was trying to do.  At some point along the way we became friends as well as colleagues. I used to pop in to Significant Seams when it was in Wood Street Market on a regular basis and when we moved into 131 Wood Street I became  a fully fledged volunteer.

Are you making anything right now?

I am cross stitching the periodic table of elements. It’s not quite what I expected as it just very large blocks on single colour. The excitement comes at the end when I get to back stitch the individual element letters and numbers plus over a hundred French knots for the decimal points.
What do you dream of making or learning, and why?

I would like to learn to machine sew. I am a large bloke and quite clumsy. I seem to be forever ruining my clothes by catching them on things. I hope I would save money by repairing my clothes.

How has making been significant for you?

More than anything else, it relaxes me. Having said that, it can be extremely pleasurable and significant to give something I have made as a present. I tend to cross stitch Christmas cards each year for my mum. I also cross stitched a Spitfire and a Concorde for my dad and mum’s 70th birthdays respectively.

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