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Volunteer Voices: Kaye

Volunteer voices is back! Our next voice is our  very own shift host Kaye Poole. Kaye has been sewing since she was a teenager and now enjoys making clothes and toys for her loved ones. 

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What do you do at Significant Seams?

I volunteer at Significant Seams as a Shift Host on Wednesdays. At 10.30,I run a session with pre-school children called Stories and Sticking. I read a story to the children and then we do some craft work on paper, which is related to the story.

In the afternoon we run a mending club where participants can bring in clothing articles that need to be mended and we work together to mend the articles. This has involved re-hemming a slip, patching trousers and altering a neckline on a dress. As part of the mending club we have been involved in a project called I Love Low-cost Living. For this project we made a curtain using articles we had to hand: a sheet, some lining material and some warm quilting fabric. The curtain was made and lined with the quilting fabric to make it more draft proof, which helps to save energy and keep the room warmer.

I also do little jobs that need to be done at Significant Seams, such as sewing alterations and other odd jobs that need a stitch!

What brought you to Significant Seams?

A friend was attending Significant Seams on Saturday and was learning to crochet.  I came along with her one Saturday and found the atmosphere very inviting. I have always liked sewing and I felt I could learn new things as well as make a contribution to the organisation with my sewing skills. I had wanted to do a volunteer role for some time and discovering Significant Seams seemed just right for me.

 Are you making anything right now?

At the moment I am getting ready to make a draft excluder for my living room door. I am using cut up plastic bags as stuffing and will make a cloth draft excluder to match my living room décor.

 What do you dream of making or learning, and why?

I want to make a pair of pillows this summer. The pillows I want to make are 80 cm square continental pillows, which are hard to get here in the UK. I have two older ones but I need some new pillows so this will be my project for the next couple of months.

How has making been significant for you?

Since volunteering at Significant Seams I have learned a lot about the art of sewing. The people who volunteer have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sewing, knitting and crocheting and I always learn something new. This is important to me as, even though I have been sewing for my family and myself for most of my life I have learned many new techniques and been able to develop my skills considerably while volunteering. I have also got to know my local neighborhood better and enjoy meeting local people when they come in.



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