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Volunteer Voices: Introducing Lauren

Over the past few months, there have been a lot of obvious changes going on at Significant Seams. We’ve of course moved into the new space at 131 Wood St., and with help from so many people in the community, we’ve gotten the space decorated and organized, and hosted a few events.

As our weekly and monthly programs are getting underway again, and we focus on expanding what we have on offer, more and more volunteers are getting involved at Significant Seams. You’ll start seeing a lot of new faces at 131, and new voices here on the blog—which will hopefully become familiar before too long.

The first new voice here on the blog is… me! My name is Lauren, and you might have seen me in 131 on Friday mornings with my daughter, Kate, or on Saturday afternoons when I come in for Neighbourly Knit and Stitch. I’ve recently started knitting again after a long hiatus, and I’m learning to embroider and sew. Crochet, however, defeats me completely!

I’m going to be helping out with organizing and scheduling blog posts, and also contributing a few myself. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start seeing some of our former blog features (including book reviews!) more regularly again, along with some new features, including tutorials and profiles of our staff, volunteers and friends.

If you have any ideas for posts, or would like to do a book review, please email me at blog@significantseams.org.uk. And keep checking the blog for regular updates on upcoming events and more fun content. You can also subscribe via Bloglovin or Feedly.


photoEditor’s Note: Humble Lauren also is a fabulous baker and generously bakes for our donation-based tea point each week. Pop-in early in the week to try one of her scrumptious creations – they rarely last past the Thursday Knit & Stitch Group (Saturday Knit & Stitch Group gets first dibs)!

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