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Volunteer Voices: Edenette

Volunteer Voices is back! Lauren, the Blog Co-Ordinator, is stepping down from her post for personal reasons, so we’re going to use this opportunity to introduce you to the new blog team over the next two weeks.

After last week’s post from Rosa, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Edenette and I’ll be one of your blog writers. I’m also a passionate poet and enjoy writing short stories and scripts.

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What do you do at Significant Seams?

 I’ll be blogging regularly about craft events and my experiences concerning my own craft journey. Apart from blogging, I am also learning how to sew and make leather bags.

What brought you to Significant Seams?

Initially, I came to Significant Seams because I had walked past the shop and was enticed by the warm and inviting setup. I was really eager to learn how to craft as well as meet new people. I am a full time mum! So I also came to Significant Seams because I wanted a place where I could release my creative energy.

Are you making anything right now?

 I am attempting to make a leather bag from scratch. I personally really like leather bags such as satchels and clutches. I managed to get a lot of help from Jackie our volunteer coordinator, who helped me  to purchase some  leather from the significant seams shop and suggested reading a book called the Bag Making Bible from the Significant Seams Library. I hope these resources in turn help me to create an amazing bag. I’ll keep you posted!

What do you dream of making or learning, and why?

Although I am keen writer and hope to pursue a career in this field, I also dream of one day being able to make my own bags and clothes. I have a passion for fashion, but I don’t necessarily have the budget for the latest trends! I generally see learning how to craft as a cost effective way to dress well.

 How has making been significant for you?

Apart from making new friends and also developing my writing through blogging, crafting really makes me happy. I feel extremely liberated knowing that I can make anything I put my mind to.  Lastly, being in a positive and creative environment has given me even more confidence when it comes to my written craft.



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