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Artist Facilitators: Craft of Caring Mid Devon

February 2019

We have been successful in securing substantial funds for a new project in mid-Devon to support carers and combat social isolation.

Significant Seams now invites applications from community artists and arts facilitators to help deliver at least 40 workshops for carers and their communities from April – June 2019.

Significant Seams seeks to offer existing care groups opportunities to engage with a range of techniques and activities that help them create personal contributions to a collaborative installation. Selected artists will be named ‘associate artists’ of Significant Seams and the Craft of Caring Initiative. They will work with the lead artist to develop an activity that enables community engagement with the project, or  contributes to the final installation. They will also collaborate with the artist responsible for evaluation to ensure we are collecting and holding the stories entrusted to us in the process of the workshops.

We hope to engage 3-4 artists who collectively bring a range of experience, artistic skills, and a positive approach. The project is one of co-production – so  artists must be prepared to approach the assignment keen to share their skills, with a sense of responsibility for completion of the community artwork, but also adaptable to an evolving and emerging artistic output, led by the people we are working with. The artistic lead aims to provide a balance of direction and creative freedom.

The fee available will depend on the total number of artists selected and the division of labour agreed, but is envisioned to be in the region of £1000 per artist based on a rate of £25/hour.

To apply, artists should email Catherine West at catherine@significantseams.org.uk with a CV and a short covering letter about their experience. The roles  will be available until filled, and application accepted on a rolling basis, and anticipated to close on or about 18 March.