Two years and counting….

This week we celebrated the two year anniversary of our very first Significant Seams workshop – a pilot series that became our “Waiting for Baby” programme. We are preparing to launch our new webshop bang on schedule to a business plan we wrote what seems like another lifetime ago, and today we learned for the second year running we’ve been names a Waltham Forest Small Business of the Year Social Enterprise/Charity Finalist!


And tomorrow we get the keys to 131 Wood Street. So, we – Debs, Mark, and Catherine – and our amazing volunteer team: Rob, Lauren, Zelda, Bronwyn, Harriet, Wenna, Dawn, Alice, Jo, and many many others (now over 40 people) want to say thank you for the many ways you support our ideas, aims, and initiatives. We hope we will see you at 131 Wood Street very soon.


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