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TV Review: Fabric of Britain

Who caught the first episode of the Fabric of Britain series, all about knitting? I admit that I was very excited for it, and curled up in front of the tv with my knitting and hot cocoa. (Don’t worry, I know it already–I’m the coolest.)

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed. I think I was expecting more of an in-depth history, not a pop history of knitting in Britain in the 20th century, so perhaps it’s just that my expectations were unrealistic. As it was, though, I was a little bored.

It was interesting learning about Kaffe Fassett’s beginnings as a knitter, POW knitters, and the practical reasons behind the intricate colour work of fair isle designs. But I really could have done with less Gyles Brandreth and more technical stuff. They barely even mentioned cabling! What about the influence of Scandinavian traditions? And where was our lovely friend Debbie Bliss?!


There’s a companion exhibit at the V&A, which I hope I can get to and report back on in the next few months, and hopefully that will be a bit more in-depth than the show. (Now that I think about it, the connection with the V&A might be why I didn’t like this one–the focus was on the trends and garments, not the techniques. Not even extreme knitting!)


Perhaps I’m being too harsh. I’m not exactly an experienced knitter, but I do have some knowledge of and lots of enthusiasm for knitting. Maybe this sort of show is just the ticket to get non-knitters to pick up the needles. (If it did get you inspired, we have twice-weekly knittinggroups and weekly lessons! If you’ve got kids who want to learn, we have kids’ lessons during school holidays.)

So, what’s the verdict? Did you find the show inspiring? Or a bit flat? Looking forward to the rest of the series, or just catch it on the iPlayer?

(p.s. Don’t forget that we’re hosting a MacMillan coffee morning this Friday, from 10am-noon! I (and several others) are baking up yummy treats, and Mark will be showing people how to knit cupcakes. We can’t wait to see you there and raise some money for this great charity!)


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