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Treehouse in the Sky

At the moment, the E17 Art Trail, our local art festival seems a very long way off. But we’re already hard at work preparing for June, and I thought I’d let you know about one of the exhibits we’re planning to have here at 131 Wood Street.

Treehouse in the Sky Flowers Image
We’re partnering with Barclay Primary School, their art specialist Sheila Hall and the kids there to create and display (which is where we come in) a tree made entirely out of recycled materials. This week is Waste Week (The 24th to the 28th of March), so in honour of this, it’s this week when each of the children in the Art Club at Barclay School will make one flower, animal or person to sew onto the tree.

Treehouse in the Sky materials image

The following week, when the tree is done, the children will have the opportunity to visit us and see where the tree will be displayed in our Wood Street Shop. You’ll all have the chance to come see it too, between 31st May and 15th June. We hope to see you on the Art Trail!

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