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  • The Winter Garden of Aspirations

Poetically, winter evokes endings, finality, sadness, loneliness, and isolation. However, symbols of winter such as snowfall, snowflakes, ice skating and Christmas trimmings are more associated with wistfulness, playfulness, connectedness and joy. These two extremes are the subject of Significant Seams winter 2014-15 community project.


Our soft sculpture wishing well has collected hopes from our community for our community on symbolic water droplets for over a year. We have long said that one person’s wish might seem a drop in the bucket, but together they add up to a wellspring – and we can’t make something happen if we don’t say what it is we want.

Science indicates that when temperatures plummet one inch of rainfall transforms into as much as 10 inches of snow. This winter, our wellspring is overflowing as our watery wishes spin, spiral, freeze and fall, transforming the Garden of Aspirations.

Join us in crocheting glittery snowflakes, embroidering inspirational quotations, and reflecting and refracting the wishes of a community.

  • Pick-up a free ball of wool and pattern from Significant Seams to contribute to the project (value £2, donations welcome), snowflakes requested returned by 6 December.


  • Join us for FREE Crochet a Snowflake workshop and Social, Saturday 15 November 1-3pm and Thursday 4 December 7-9pm


Our creations will bedeck the Wood Street Ward Christmas Festival on 13 December – and perhaps surprise you like a bit of mistletoe, in other places across our community.

Find us IN the Garden of Aspirations at upcoming FREE events:

Vestry House Museum Family Day, Sun 9 November 1:30 – 4pm

William Morris Gallery “Tangled Yarns” Family Day, Sat 29 November 1 -4 pm