The Significant Seams Pillow Project 007 - Revolting Craft workshops at the William Morris Gallery exploring the role of art in protest, May 2013. This family wants dog owners to pick up the poo! Full view

The Significant Seams Pillow Project


What do you wish for our community?

Have you spotted any of the pillow installations around the Wood St. neighbourhood? They've been popping up all over the place in the past few months…


But I'm getting ahead of myself. This past winter and spring, Significant Seams invited people to reflect on what they have given and gotten from our community while helping make cushion covers with a letter on them. We even held workshops in conjunction with David Mabb's exhibition on Revolution at the William Morris Gallery.

Our volunteers had a great time making them, particularly some of the kids, who often had a very specific vision and message in mind.




[caption id=”” width=”300″ align=”alignnone” caption=” Sentiment trumps spelling in Sentiment trumps spelling in craftivism.


IMG_1739Since June, we've been having fun creating installations all over the neighbourhood. The only sad moment to this whole endeavour has been the loss of one beloved pillow. We kind of knew it might happen eventually, but it was a bummer when one community spirited pillow went missing out of an installation. It was immediately replaced by intrepid volunteer Margaret, but we want to reach out to the neighbourhood and alert you that it is missing. We're not sure if its been pillow-napped or runaway – in either case, we declare complete pillow amnesty. We just want our community pillow to come home. If the pillow is returned to 131 Wood St., however circuitous the route, we won't ask any awkward questions. And if it doesn't come back, we'll trust that it's found a loving home, giving lettered lumbar support where it's needed.

And in the meantime, keep your eyes out for more pillow installations. And let us know what installation(s) you'd like to see in the comments! Something funny, or a sweet wish for your community, or an upcoming event you think should be commemorated with pillows, perhaps?


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