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The Liebster Award!

Jennie from cheekyhandmades used one her precious choices to award me the Liebster Blog award -Thank you Jennie!
The Liebster award (German for favorite, loveliest) is for bloggers with 200 followers or less.
As a recipient of the award, I have the heavy responsibility of selecting five further recipients with 200 followers or less.
We here at Significant Seams love blogs – but are guilty of following many with MANY followers, so would like a bit of help! Can you please nominate a blog (or several!) with less than 200 followers for me to browse and then make my award choices???? And ask your friends too! (It can be their own – I don’t mind. And it doesn’t have to be crafty – just a good blog!)
Nominate a blog by adding its link in the comments section! And Thank You for following this blog – and staying tuned to see who I pick….
In the meantime, since you like my blog, you might like the others cheekyhandmades picked:
You might also be interested in some of our very favourite blogs – even though they have too many followers to qualify this time:
Pass on the Blog Lovin’!

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