The Hope & Warmth Blanket

The Christmas decorations are down, the fridge is empty and as the new year commences we all feel the pinch. January is a great time to reflect on the past year and set goals for the year ahead. A chance to immerse in a new hobby or focusing your mind, health and well being. It is also a chance to do something good for those around you in your neighbourhood and community.

This past December we had the opportunity of passing a gift from a participant in our social group to a community member in need, all in time for Christmas.


Rose, a regular attendee of our successful Social Supportive Stitching group (that meets every Thursday), had created a blanket using a variety of yarns over the past year. She painstakingly knitted and stitched together each panel with a different shade and texture of knitting yarns, creating a rainbow explosion. When the time came to finish up, Rose decided to donate the blanket to Significant Seams.

Blankets of all shapes and sizes have been crocheted, knitted, quilted and sewn in the past by our volunteers, residents and community members. Once completed, they are passed on to those less fortunate, or in difficult life moments, to help them stay warm during the winter months. Previous donations have been donated to the Calais Jungle, children’s hospitals, baby units, homeless shelters and other vulnerable people in our community.


The team at Significant Seams were so humbled by Rose’s generous donation that we decided to offer the blanket to a local organisation or group. We posted the blanket on social media and soon after, we got a response from a Waltham Forest resident named Louise. Louise really liked what we had posted and wanted to request a blanket of a similar nature to gift to her son Rhys. Unfortunately Rhys who is 12, was knocked over in a terrible car accident the previous month. He would remain in bed, and possibly use a wheelchair, whilst he recovered. Louise suggested that he would like a blanket  similar to the one we posted, as they weren’t sure if he would back in time for Christmas.


Here at SS we were so touched by Rhys’s story that we decided to donate and hand deliver the blanket to him. It was great that the day we popped over to his house he had just come out of hospital. Julian, Rhys’s father, messaged us afterwards to let us know how much Rhys enjoyed his new blanket in particular the ‘textures and fresh smells’. Louise also offered to donate money towards the blanket’s construction.

It is great for us at SS when we see and hear of such touching moments. Not only did we see the production of this blanket from the start, but its subsequent delivery and reception by this young boy and his family.


This year, why not take an opportunity to check in with your neighbours and friends and give the gift of hope & warmth. Build the seams of your community and learn a new craft at the same time.

Wishing Rhys a speedy recovery.

Significant Seams



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