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The Ecology of Craft: RHS Rosemoor gets kids engaged CottonBolls-assoc Full view

The Ecology of Craft: RHS Rosemoor gets kids engaged

At an education event at RHS Rosemoor, a garden of the Royal Horticultural Society, the outreach worker asked the children, ‘How close to nature are we?’ The children were briefly stumped by what he meant. ‘What is the nature closest to you RIGHT now?’ A cacophony of distances and pointing followed.

Then he offered a clue to the correct answer he sought. He held up a stalk of cotton plant.

Shortly thereafter he had them twisted in strange postures as they read the tags of their school uniforms. Lots of cotton. Some viscose: cue bamboo cane. Polyester, nope, that’s man-made.

The uses of plants, he got them thinking, are not just beauty – and then he introduced flax and linen and eventually reeds came out, which the children eagerly wove into fish.

Our Ecology of Craft programme is about making these kinds of links: about understanding how craft is about connectivity to nature, and how we can use craft to make connections with one another. Weaving is a great activity to start this process. Any branch can be your first loom. Grasses, ribbons, weeds, and reeds your fibers. Materials dyed in one of our natural dyemaking workshops are fantastic too. A collective piece which can be cut into pieces representative of the community can be quickly made deeply symbolic.

This summer Significant Seams has a limited number of FREE spaces available for a week long programme of natural weaving and dyemaking for 11-19 year olds in the London Borough of Waltham Forest.  BOOK a space on this course to explore the Ecology of Craft with us.

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