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The Ecology of Craft: FREE Dyemaking Summer Programme

Ecology-Of-Craft-Logo-Low-NETIn a FREE week-long programme for 11-19 year olds in Waltham Forest, the many roles, tasks, and communities that are part of the world of craft will be explored through fun hands-on activities.

The programme will engage young people in activities across the spectrum of steps involved in dyeing cloth… starting with a bit of wool straight from a sheep and flowers and plants which harbour dye materials within them.


Participants will:

  • try some spinning and pounding to transform raw materials.
  • make a range of colour dyebathes from natural sources readily repeatable at home.
  • learn techniques to make patterns on dyed fabric via Paste Resist techniques and the lauded and slightly more involved, but still natural, techniques of Indigo dyeing.
  • make handmade paper, a specialty cotton cloth
  • design and create a nature journal to represent it all

To cap the programme and bring together individuals work into something representative of the ecology of the week, weaving will be taught and a collective piece used to synthesise our activities. All participants will leave with some weaving from the whole, and a personal nature/art journal and art supply case.

This distinctive and rich programme is FREE, but spaces are limited. Booking is essential. Book online now.


Written by significantseams

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