The E17 Neighbourly Quilt: Exciting updates

The first patch for the Neighbourly Quilt has been completed! (I’m seeing it for the first time today. Its maker emailed me this weekend and is bringing it in to the Hub today! I’ll add a picture if the maker will let me.)

Um. I haven’t started mine either.

So join me in getting patches underway this week.

The first workshop of the Neighbourly Patch Workshop Series is Thursday morning from 11-noon at the Mill. We will introduce and experiment with Applique. Which is among my favourite sewing activities. It combines sewing and collage, and some sketchy drawing too. And its really easy, despite the fancy French name.

We’re suggesting a donation of £6 to cover materials for this workshop – but it is a donation – so you decide what, if anything, its worth to you. The workshop has been made possible by The Mill and The High Street Ward forum. I hope you’ll join us.

Have an idea but not sure if you have the skills? Sign up to one or more of our Neighbourly Quilt Workshops. Don’t have an idea, but want to participate? Come along to one of our sessions and we’ll get the ideas flowing. Have an idea but, ahem, not making progress yet? Join us for our FREE weekly Neighbourly Patch Making Session at the Hub (made possible by The Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Trust.)

We’re finalising the details of the workshop schedule but plans are coming together…. to intrigue you, here is a hint at what we’re planning for April:

neighbourly quilt workshops

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