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The Craft of Caring: A Caring Community Artwork

The 2011 Census revealed there are over 84,000 carers in Devon.  Over 18,000 provide over 50 hours of unpaid care per week.

Significant Seams, with support from Arts Council England, Awards for All, Crediton Town Council, and Devon Community Foundation, and in collaboration with several regional organisations, is leading an ongoing community project to support, connect, and hear from carers from the mid-Devon area. The project has been shaped  with artists, paid carers, frontline delivery organisations and with feedback from unpaid carers.  We have received multiple requests to tour the Care Trail, and The Care Nest. The project is still actively seeking  funding to fulfill these requests.

Please contact catherine@significantseams.org.uk or on 077 4292 5085 to discuss supporting “The Craft of Caring: Mid-Devon.”

“My initial reaction (to reading about the project) is relief and validation as a carer that something so meaningful and nourishing is out there. It is BY FAR the best outreach to carers I’ve ever seen.”    An unpaid carer from mid-Devon

Finals-A4VenueCOC-4The Craft of Caring: A Caring Community Artwork asked carers, ‘What does it mean to be a carer?’ and helped them find time for them self in a restorative craft activity.

In early 2019, participants created patches for a collective large scale sculptural artwork: a nest. They had opportunities to contribute in a group or on their own, with the person they care for or independently. Our artists offered over 50 free art workshops across Mid-Devon.  

Carers have substantial demands on their time – very often not within their control. This project was shaped to accommodate that.

The wider community were also invited to be part and offered a variety of ways to directly contribute to the artwork, and to volunteer.




Artists, participants, and community members contributed to a series of 7 videos about ‘What it means to care’ and the impact of art activities and shared art activities. These are available on our YouTube Channel.



The artwork was unveiled in National Carers Week 10-16 June 2019. It was part of a wider exhibition called ‘The Care Trail’ in which 8 selected professional artists exhibited work on the theme in 6 community venues across Crediton during ‘CredFest.’ Follow-on workshops in Winter 2019 were enabled via funding from The Carers Trust with partnership from Devon Carers.