The Big Move!

Significant Seams is thrilled to announce today that funding from Waltham Forest Council, The Outer London Fund, Design for London, and a partnership with design duo Happily Ever After have made it possible for us to open the only inclusive community centre in Eastern Walthamstow.

Noting the success of The Mill on Coppermill Lane, and the lack of an inclusive space elsewhere in the area, Significant Seams approached the council with a proposal informed by their experience leading community projects like the E17 Neighbourly Quilt and the Christine’s Tomato Jam project with Oxfam’s GROW campaign. Our perspective on the needs of Eastern Walthamstow was also richly informed by our time in Wood Street Indoor Market, as part of the Council’s regeneration initiative in the area.

Significant Seams will also have a national quilting shop, delivered from the premises but mostly trading online, drawing new investment into the Walthamstow community. In conjunction with App17, we are looking to develop some relevant apps to support the local community.  The new premises will be two minutes from our current site in Wood Street Indoor Market, at 131 Wood Street.

We are hosting an OPEN HOUSE to get community inputs on the plans on Thursday 6 December from 6-9pm.

We are inviting the local community to get involved a number of ways. Please consider donating, time, money, or needed stuff to help us get this space set-up. Please also consider shopping socially and locally this holiday season. Your purchases from us aids our work in the local community. The profits from will go back into our community building and outreach programmes.

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