The Big Move

We are welcoming all sorts of volunteer support to make our new premises a shared one.

There will soon be opportunities to help stitch furnishings, paint walls, hang our community quilts, etc, etc, etc. We are particularly looking for people who:

  • Are certified electricians
  • Can skim plaster
  • Can build basic furniture (Catherine and Debs have dreamt up the perfect fabric cutting table, but the last one Catherine built looked like Bambi on ice, so we’ve persuaded her to let us get help for this one!)
  • Can help us document the transition in video!

We are hosting an open house THURSDAY 6 DECEMBER, from 6-9pm to show everyone the space and share our plans. Please join us!

See the several rooms and make suggestions on activities we could host there.

We welcome your help with the financial costs of establishing this space too. Click on the button below to donate money towards the renovation works on Significant Seams’s new premises at 131 Wood Street.

Due to our big move, Significant Seams is in need of a variety of items to turn our new venue into the warm and inviting community centre Wood Street wants, including:

  • A pump action flask (for hot water, so that we can offer you tea and coffee)
  • A milk flask (so that we can put milk in said tea and coffee!)
  • A comfy couch (for you to sit on while you sew and enjoy said tea and coffee) (The first two have been donated! Thank you Claire, Rob, Alex and Graeme!)
  • A wingback chair or two ( for your comfort while perusing the stitch & craft library contents)
  • Ivar shelving (to display fabric)
  • More Ivar Shelving (to store sewing machines)
  • (Would it be too cheeky to ask for more Ivar shelving? For more fabric?)
  • Matching folding chairs (6 – 8)
  • A vacuum cleaner (Woohoo! Also donated, thanks to Katja! Now we just have to remember to use it!)
  • A small/medium refrigerator
  • Bathroom floor tiles and tiles to mosaic the bathroom walls…

If you have any of these to spare (or know anyone who does), please let Significant Seams’s delightful Deb’s know at:, or come and have a chat with us in the Hub.


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