Teenager Freya Pigott’s take on the Changing Roles of Women

freya_pigott_-_way_ukyp_election_candidate_2015Teenager Freya Pigott has gravitated towards politics following a school art project – it led her to reflect on the role of women today. The completed artwork exhibited at the “Art of Feminism” Exhibition in London last October where our “Women of the World Quilt” also was displayed. Her work is a wall-hanging of handwritten stitched colour patches detailing the inequalities women continue to face in their daily lives. Catherine and Kate of Significant Seams met her and Significant Seams is now pleased to be bringing Freya’s patchwork protest to Walthamstow. It will be displayed in the shop window of the Significant Seams’ HQ in Wood Street through Mothering Sunday to coincide with V-Day and International Women’s Day on 8th March – and to inspire participation in our latest community project. Freya’s wall hanging works as a timely patchwork twin to the Significant Seams’ fifth annual Community Quilt celebrating the changing role of women. Together they present what has been achieved and what is yet to be done in the context of women’s rights.

A number of activities tailored to young people are happening during the half-term break, including some to hear their thoughts on this subject.

Freya, studying Politics, History and Classics at St John’s sixth form college, Marlborough, is already confidently striking out in the world of politics and craftivism. She is currently standing as candidate for the forthcoming UK Youth Parliament elections with a concise manifesto of issues affecting young people, including education and mental health, practical help post-school and affordable transport for 16-18 year-olds.





Written by significantseams