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Significant Seams is entering an exciting new chapter and really wants you to be part. We are planning activities with and for the Walthamstow community, and the space to host them. We are inviting and requesting participation in a whole range of forms.  We are building a list of people willing to volunteer – and what ways they can help, and lists of things we want or need to bring our new community space to life.

We’ve raised what we needed to renovate 131 Wood Street and transform it into a community space… and in the meantime, we atttracted some amazing LOCAL talent who’ve added ENORMOUS value to our project. We’ve calculated the value of the design, building quality, materials we’re using, labour etc has been increased by at least three-fold, for free. This new space we are delivering for our community has a value around £100,000. And we’ve gotten to know a range of fabulous neighbours along the way.

We now are planning the programmes, partnerships and events that will ensure this space is vibrant, innovative, and sustainable. Some costs will unavoidably need cash to address them, though we are always open to creative problem solving. We need to raise around £75,000 per year to keep this project, and all our programmes, going. We appreciate your support and partnership, through:

  • Donations
  • Introductions
  • Contracts and Commissions
  • Purchases from our shop and
  • Volunteering

So please help us make the most of this opportunity to co-create an really special space for E17.

There are a number of ways you can Donate:

1) Make a generous cash donation of whatever you can afford: we’ll stitch your name onto a symbolic “founders” wallhanging which will hang with pride of place in Significant Seams

2) Join the Stitch & Craft Library for a year with a one time payment of £24, a portion of your membership fee will help us buy the wood needed to build the needed shelving for this fast growing collection. You’ll also get access to this fabulous resource, and demonstrate your support of us to the council and our other funders.

3) Get your friends and neighbours to support us too!

5) Ask your employer if they’ll make a donation! Some will match employee giving.

We are a not-for-profit organisation largely run by volunteers. We aim to strengthen the seams of community. Please help us at this pivotal time.

Catherine, Debs, and Mark