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Stow Brothers Sponsor Our Magazine Collection


Significant Seams are pleased to announce that Stow Brothers have kindly sponsored the Stitch & Craft Library magazine collection. The collection has over 700 magazines, including Mollie Makes, Making, Knitting Today, Inside Crochet, Simply Sewing and many, many more. Stow Brothers have long supported our work in a range of ways. Andrew (one of the brothers) actually brokered our very first sponsorship back in 2011 – of the E17 Map quilt, before founding Stow Brothers Real estate agency with his brother Kenny. This quilt and one created with over 60 local residents the following year are currently on display in the gallery space of their office on Hoe Street.


The Stitch & Craft library is a specialist resource that brings our community together – but it also serves as a bridge to a range of services for people in vulnerable moments – which often feature more time, less money, loneliness and self consciousness.

The Stitch & Craft library is browsable as people scout us out and it has a thin middle shelf always stocked with information about activities in the community, as well as self-help and signposting materials – around everything from bereavement and stress, to profound mental health conditions.

When we asked Stow Brothers to consider sponsoring a magazine file and help promote our requests for public support, they immediately said yes, and then asked if there was further ways they could help.

It was in this context that they became a sponsor of the magazine collection. The Stow Brothers have covered the design and production costs of our bookplates and magazine file labels, as well as new upgraded wooden magazine files to be put into circulation as individuals and other company adopt them with a donation of £100.

We are seeking sponsorship of individual books (£20), and of the individual magazine files (£100), as donations to support our work, and its presence in our hub.
Please consider sponsoring a book or magazine file today. 

Written by significantseams

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