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Sponsor a book in our Stitch & Craft Library

Dear Friends

Would you like to sponsor a book from our Stitch & Craft Library? We have lots of lovely books that could be sponsored, to provide a valuable contribution to the running costs of Significant Seams.

SigLibraryWebSquareFor each £20 donation, we will add your name to a ‘Thank You’ label inside one of our books. For each £100 donation, we will display a thank you label on one of our magazine files. We can help you to find the perfect book or magazine rack for you. We will also send you a beautiful thank you card for you to keep.

Or you can become a lending library member for £24 for the year. Our Stitch & Craft Library has an amazing array of titles that crafters who join can borrow, sharing resources, meeting other crafters as they browse, compare projects, and seek recommendations from our collection.

Your donations will go a long way towards helping us run our wide range of activities and projects, supporting people at vulnerable times in their lives and strengthening community bonds.

Catherine West, Significant Seam’s Chief Executive, said: “If we can get all 400 books in our library sponsored, we can pay our rent for a year, and focus on building our community business and helping people in our neighbourhood who are in need.”

SigMagazineWebAs a not-for-profit organisation, we are reliant on public support to continue our vital work. If you are interested in sponsoring a book, make a donation by clicking here.

Why not make a visit to 131 Wood Street, Walthamstow; as well as our Stitch & Craft Library, we offer an impressive range of threads, a growing selection of craft kits, quality haberdashery and fabric, and notecards and notebooks.

By supporting us you can help us to change the lives of vulnerable people.

Become a sponsor now.



Written by significantseams

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