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Speed Volunteering Stories: Introduction

Have you ever considered volunteering, but decided against it because you’re too busy to commit to something every week, or you’re not sure what kind of volunteering you’d like to do? Well, Significant Seams is working with Team London, the Mayoral Office’s volunteering project, to provide a volunteering experience to appeal to the rushed and those who’d like to try a little of everything!

Significant Seams, along with hundreds of other London organisations, is offering Speed Volunteering opportunities through the Team London website here: http://volunteerteam.london.gov.uk/organizations/opps.php?org_id=1038

Speed volunteering opportunities are one off volunteering opportunities, which should take less than 6 hours to complete, and be even quicker to arrange! Some of the Significant Seams Speed Volunteering tasks can even be completed from home or online if you don’t have time to visit us in person, and they often involve one self-contained task, so at the end you have the satisfaction of knowing you have made a real difference in one small area of our work.

And so, a new series on this blog: Speed Volunteering Stories, will share the experiences of people who’ve gotten involved with us this way. We’ll be posting up different people’s stories over the next couple of weeks to give you an idea of what speed volunteering is like and what kind of projects speed volunteers have helped us with so far, as well as tell you about all the fun our speed volunteers have had.

Some volunteers crafted snowflakes or other small pieces that would later form part of one of our beautiful community projects, while others have helped set up for exciting events! One merged a stack of documents into a ‘corporate directory’ that made us feel really organised and ready for anything. A few life-savers have even stepped up to help us with IT problems and projects!

So keep an eye out for our Speed Volunteering Stories posts over the next few weeks! Click here for information on some of our current needs: http://volunteerteam.london.gov.uk/organizations/opps.php?org_id=1038

Written by significantseams