Speed Volunteering Stories 1: Adam Pike

I’m pleased to announce the first in our Speed Volunteering Stories, from volunteer Adam Pike. Adam took part in two speed volunteering sessions, as one of our Stock Take Superstars and providing Delivery Muscles for our International Women’s Day event. Speed volunteering is often a one-off, so we really appreciated him coming back to volunteer again!

Read on, to hear about Adam’s experience in his own words:



Adam’s story:

I decided to volunteer as I have been unemployed for some time and thought that doing so would not only give me experience but keep me active and continue to perform work-relatable activities. To date I have only taken on two roles but do intend on more. The first role was being part of the stocktaking for the Significant Seams shop. The second was helping move furniture and equipment to an event for International Women’s day and then back again afterwards.

I have benefited by gaining a more active role in my community as I live nearby. This closeness has also meant that I can volunteer easily and keep a routine as long-term unemployment can lead to boredom and frustration. I would hope my volunteering has also helped Significant Seams have a more successful event, or at least made it easier by having someone nearby willing to help out. Thanks to the Team London speed volunteering site the experience has been quite smooth. Having only been volunteering for a few weeks, the site made the initial communication easy. The welcoming environment of the people at the shop made the experience very calming and very productive as I could work shortly after meeting them.

I would recommend speed volunteering through Team London as it was a quick response and gave local opportunities that a wide variety of people could get involved in. The site also provides a way to track my volunteering activities so that I can use it as a record of my experiences. The only challenge so far was managing the opportunities around my existing commitments when I first started. Now that I’ve been doing it for a while this is becoming less of a concern.



Does speed volunteering for Significant Seams sound like something you might be interested in? Head over to our Team London page to take a look at the volunteering opportunities we have for you. Currently, we’re especially looking for people with DIY skills: http://volunteerteam.london.gov.uk/opportunities/index.php?opp_id=4146



Written by significantseams