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Social Groups


Lion King Quilt

We are experienced at developing and facilitating supportive social groups with textile projects. Our projects connect people in surprising and powerful ways, developing community and supporting individuals. We are noted for our success with programmes known as:

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Why sewing?


Sewing has a rich heritage of fellowship and social support, and has been proven to be beneficial to survivors of trauma and those experiencing anxiety and depressive disorders. It can activate the ‘relaxation response,’ a counterpoint to the heightened state of alertness associated with stress related conditions. Sewing can also help people to relax in potentially uncomfortable social situations, and create a perfect environment for personal conversations.


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We often work in partnership on our programmes and projects, with other organisations and specialists such as occupational therapists, psychologists, support workers, and outreach workers. We offer a holistic, healthy and sustainable model of support that complements existing provision and improves individual and collective wellbeing.