Significant Seams on the E17 Art Trail! Treehouse in the Sky Flowers Image Full view

Significant Seams on the E17 Art Trail!

The E17 Art Trail is a local art festival with events and exhibitions going on all over Walthamstow from 31st May- 15th June. Sixteen awesome days of opportunities to explore artist’s studios and visit local galleries, open houses and other unconventional display spaces. The Art Trail is now in its tenth year, and this summer we’re going to be a part of it in three big ways!

Most importantly, our 131 Wood Street Shop will be an Info Point, where you can get information about the Art Trail, directions around Wood Street, and a range of suggestions for lovely cafes to take a break in! We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you as you make your way around the Art Trail, and if you don’t know how to get started, you should feel free to set off from here!

We also have our own exhibit, “Treehouse in the Sky,” the collective sculptural work of the children of Barclay’s School, our After School Craft Club, and various interested observers, collected together and showcased according to the vision of artist Sheila Hallissey.

Treehouse in the Sky Flowers Image
We’ll be having special Treehouse in the Sky Workshops too! Each Saturday during the Art Trail Sheila will host family friendly workshops where you can make bugs and blossoms to contribute to the sculpture – or take home. We also have flower crafting kits available in the shop, so if you can’#t make it to the workshops, you can buy a kit to work on a flower at home.

Our other exhibition for the Art Trail is kindly being hosted by the Waltham Forest Credit Union. You can find them at the corner of Hoe Street and Church Hill, opposite the entrance to the Market.

Hundreds of area people have contributed to this quilt through workshops at International Women’s Day Festivities, at Chapel End Infant School, and events at Significant Seams. An amazingly dedicated team of our regulars have made sure this quilt happened – having envisioned a quilt to outdo the 2011 Patchwork Map of Walthamstow…. and we think they have succeeded. We note special thanks are due to the Chapel End Street Party Fund, Chapel End Infant School, the Waltham Forest Credit Union and the Borough for supporting this epic project. Be sure to check it out!

The E17 Art Trail organisers are calling this year’s Art Trail, with its theme of ‘inhabit’(about where and how we live), an even bolder ‘art feast.’ To find out more about creativity in Walthamstow, the special Art Trail previews on the 29th of May, and why Artist’s Open Houses are so important to the Art Trail, check out their website:

That’s also where you’ll find the Art Trail guide to help you start exploring creativity in Wood Street and all of E17!


Rosa is a blog writer and volunteer for Significant Seams, with a passion for stories and storytelling. You can usually find her at the shop on Wednesday mornings, so feel free to stop by and chat if you have an idea for the blog.

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