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Significant Seams Gift Guide: Gifts for Kids

As a kid, I always hated the creative presents marketed for “kidz”. “Kidz “(and they always seemed to have misspellings like that) seemed to mean “people we think are too dumb to notice poor quality and condescension”.

The budding creatives in your life deserve better.


Watercolour pencils: These gorgeous pencils are an absolute steal. So many times, kids get overly-instructive colouring or activity books. Good drawing materials and a blank notebook are almost always better. (£4)

Fabric paints: We’ve got glitter, opaque, neon… a fabric paint for every style ambition out there. A lovely stocking stuffer. (£2 each)

Sewing kit: If you know a kid who watched the Great British Sewing Bee and got the sewing bug, this kit has everything they’ll need to get started. (Unfortunately, with so much sewing stuff, it leans a little floral for most masculine tastes. If you know someone who would love a sewing kit but abhors florals, we can help you put one together at 131.) (£12)

Pom-poms: Perhaps the ultimate creative raw material, perfect for tots (who have gotten past the everything-goes-in-my-mouth stage) to teens. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having a handful of these in my stocking. (£.05 each)

Happily Ever After Princess and Her Bedroom Pocket Pillow kit: For the princess-obsessed creative kid, we have the coolest kit for making a flat princess doll, several dresses, and a clever pillow with a pocket for storing them all away. I do love toys that come with their own storage. (Note: The kit panel is pictured on the left, a sample completed project is on the right. This kit will probably require some adult help, and will definitely require stuffing and backing fabric–fortunately, fabric on the bolt is 30% off this week.) (£10/panel)

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out Monday and Tuesday‘s gift guides. And don’t forget our sales this week–30% off fabric on the bolt and skeins of yarn for £2.50!

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