Significant Seams at 131 Wood Street is now open! 130613_0238 Full view

Significant Seams at 131 Wood Street is now open!

Thank you to the global community of supporters and makers who have made this space a reality and to wool maven Debbie Bliss for officially ‘opening’ 131 Wood Street last night, and local photographer Mark Burton for immortalising it for us: see the album here.


131 Wood Street is truly a community space – it simply wouldn’t have happened without the inputs — and hard work — of hundreds of people. It is conceived as a way of living shared values, and drawing investment into our community to make it healthier and happier and an easier place to get help when you need it.

Many of our supporters know one aspect of what we do — a sewing class, a community project, materials sales, a place to volunteer – or find routes to other places where you might volunteer. We hope this new space will help demonstrate the range of activities we believe can and should connect our neighbourhood in vibrant ways, and the full spectrum of projects we foster, promote, incubate, and sometimes lead.

The front space is what we call the community living room and it houses the stitch and craft library, and an eclectic and vibrant programme of social groups (including but not limited to Neighbourly Knit and Stitch, Stories and Sticking, Magical Thinking (a poetry group), and coming soon, a toddlers parenting group.)

There is a section that we refer to as the showroom – it is a shop selling patchwork fabric and haberdashery – online and off. Thanks to volunteer support, our online shop ‘went live’ yesterday – it will grow and change a bit over time. We welcome your feedback in helping us develop it!

Behind it is the workshop – an intimate classroom already proving effective as a therapeutic and supportive place for us to teach, foster new supportive relationships, and to make wonderful things.

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We believe in the power of saying what it is we want for our community – individually and collectively – and ask you – our community, to be ‘drops in the bucket.’ We invite you to help fill the bucket of our wishing well with a wish, written or stitched, on a fabric water droplet. Visit us tomorrow during the Wood Street Festival (12-4) to make your wish.

You’ll also be able to contribute to a mosaic being led by Mark, pose for a picture in a 1920s costume made by Debs, with a backdrop painted by Heidi, make yarn bowls with Margaret and Sheila, “go fishing” in the well, get fab treats at our bake sale, play musical chairs for some fabulous crafty gifts, and a number of other fun stalls. You can also check out 131 Wood Street in person – and benefit from the councils “Love your High Street voucher scheme.” (Buy a voucher worth £15 at Wood Street Library for just £5, and use at any of the participating businesses on Wood Street [tomorrow only]).

Thank you for being part of our community….

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