Sewing Club and classes at 131 Wood Street sewing club Full view

Sewing Club and classes at 131 Wood Street

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Following the fabulous events (and cakes, cookies, games, and other treats!) to launch this new creative community space, we are starting to settle into some routines, and our programme of classes are starting up.

Neighbourly Knit & Stitch this afternoon was both boisterous and supportive as ever, and our first Stories and Sticking at 131 yesterday was downright colourful. (It featured Elmer the patchwork elephant). We have a repeat session, a new edition to our schedule to allow morning pre-schooers to attend!) tomorrow at 1pm. This programme is great for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and is £3 a child.

RosiB6For those serious about learning to sew, we launch a new series this Saturday: Making a Vogue Shirt Dress (50’s inspired, swirly skirt, casual yet elegant). The series will teach a number of critical skills of sophisticated clothes making – setting in collars and sleeves, making buttonholes, etc.


Fri_IMG_0885productNext week on Saturday, we’re having a bit a fun with the sewing machines – we’re having a drawing class with them! Whether you are experienced or not, this is a fun class. No experience with a machine is needed, and you don’t have to be great at drawing either. Free motion embroidery is a liberating sewing skill that is absolutely artistic.

Every Saturday we’re hosting a new neighbourly Knit and Stitch group (£3) from 1-3pm in the Community Living Room. Bring your hand sewing, knitting, or crochet project, or tuck into one of our current community projects: “Yarnscape,” or “be a Drop in the bucket.” You don’t need to know the details of these in advance – we’ll explain!

Photo courtesy of Mark Burton
Photo courtesy of Mark Burton


Or if you are a machine based maker, consider booking into our social Sewing Club (£7.50). Every Saturday from 3-5 we are opening up our workshop for you – use our sewing  machines, cutting mats, ironing board etc to progress your current project.


Many more class announcements, as well as events for the kids, are coming soon. So, stay tuned!



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