6-2title-NoSpaceWhiteColour-webThe poppy grows well in churned-up soil and was one of the few plants found on otherwise barren battlefields, leading to its adoption as a symbol to remember the fallen. From the sewing up of soldiers’ wounds to the comforting and soothing effect knitting had on those coping with absence and loss, stitch crafts were a culturally integral part of World War I.

The Giant’s Garden project draws out the positive threads of social change and innovation that came from the horror and upheaval of World War I. It knits together historic moments and practices with modern symbolism.


Through the Giant’s Garden project, Significant Seams is working alongside local residents to create an intriguing spectacle of community-crafted poppies evocative and representative of the unintended consequences of WWI. Working across Chingford, Walthamstow, Leytonstone and Leyton, this diverse project brings people together in a conversation about the lasting ways in which WWI has changed our world, and creates a hub of WWI commemorative activity in the borough.

Pick up a pamphlet about the project and a free pattern at 131 Wood Street, Walthamstow. Have a pamphlet posted to you for 99 pence by purchasing it through our EBay shop.

We have been to events at :

  1. World Mental Health Day at Apple Day at Vestry House, 10 October 2015
  2. A new Sewing & Knitting Circle in Chingford, 13 October 2015
  3. Walthamstow Farmers Market, 1 November 2015
  4. Vestry House Museum Family Day

We are now, in the run up to International Womens’ Day on 8 March, particularly thinking about the impact of WWI on the roles of women. If you have a group in Waltham Forest that you would like us to visit with a workshop to make Purple Poppies, please contact Fran via the contact form and using the subject of ‘Community Projects’. Kits or supplies are also available at 131 Wood Street for a small charge.

We are also delivering workshops in a number of Waltham Forest schools. Know a school that would like to participate? Contact Fran!