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Pause Breathe Create

Make A Map“Crafting from nature has reconnected me with my creativity which is essential to my wellbeing.”

“Stitching has kept me sane during a lonesome lockdown.”

“Being creative anchored a sense of possibility, of happiness – a relishing in my own capacity and process of making, inventing , actualising. It gave me time to focus away from anxious thoughts – and just BE in the focus of absorption”

“Creating helps me stave off depression.”

This week 10-16 May 2021 is Mental Health Awareness Week and next week 17-23 May 2021 is Creativity and Wellbeing Week. As highlighted by Prof Jehannine Austin in a BBC documentary last year, there is a model of mental health that shows that we increase our resilience and capacity for wellbeing by engaging in ‘protective’ activities – like creativity, engaging with nature, and connecting with others. Award winning social enterprise Significant Seams are releasing creative prompts for wellbeing daily over social media. They are also releasing a FREE downloadable PDF at on 17 May. The download features prompts that people can use to make their own jar of creativity for wellness activities.

Written by significantseams

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