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Paul the bookkeeper in World of Cross Stitching!

We don’t know if any of you read The World of Cross Stitching Magazine, but we’re certainly glad we took a look at the latest issue! Paul Douglas, our bookkeeper and long time avid cross-stitcher (as well as a local councillor, wow) is one of the Reader Panel in the latest issue. The Reader Panel get to comment on some of the patterns featured in the issue, as well as give a little interview about their interest in Cross Stitch, so it looks like lots of fun.

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The World of Cross Stitching is Britain’s top selling cross stitching magazine, mainly focusing on patterns with some technical advice and reader letters and stories. It’s meant for everyone, from beginners to expert cross stitchers. They also have their own website, complete with a discussion forum and a range of other cross-stitching magazines.

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The latest issue has patterns based around spring, as well as some related patterns for kittens, flowers and the ever-popular Fizzy Moon. Paul’s giving us his thoughts on the ‘Seasonal Cuties’ design library, and ‘Spring Street/Home Sweet Home’ so we’re definitely in keeping with the warmth and new life theme. It’s really great to have one of our volunteers on the Reader Panel in World of Cross Stitching, and we do encourage you to check it out if you get the chance!

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The World of Cross Stitching website:

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