Yarnscape – old and never happened!

Photo courtesy of Mark Burton

Yarnscape is conceived as an installation that reflects Walthamstow’s heritage of William Morris and, in keeping with his ideals, creates a functional piece of art into which we can site our wishing well as a longer term community fundraiser. Yarnscape invites knitters and crocheters to produce a collection of flowers that can be arranged on a knitted lawn to create a meadow. The meadow takes its inspiration from the infamous Morris wallpaper designs. However, rather than being a strict repeating pattern, the diversity of the flowers and techniques used will mirror the diversity of the residents and cultures within our community in a unified display.

Free patterns for flowers can be collected from our premises at 131 Wood Street. The project may be undertaken at home or you may wish to join our Neighbourly Knit and Stitch group that operates twice weekly.