What do you wish for your community?

130613_0145We are inviting you to write, or even better, stitch your wish, on a water droplet for our wishing well bucket. Like any bucket list, the point is you can make a dream come true unless you make it. Wishing for something bigger than oneself, for our whole community could be even more daunting – so much seems beyond your control – but we believe every wish counts – and those that get shared are more likely to come true. i.e. Every Drop in the Bucket counts, you need all the drops.

We want you to help shape the future of our community by taking an important first step, sharing what it is you want. Come into 131 Wood Street for your water droplet ..and make your wish.

As the bucket is part of a wishing well, and we don’t like to mess too much with tradition, you might toss a coin over your shoulder too….