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Our Activities

We are a small organisation with a lot of heart, and surprising reach. We support and encourage people to believe in themselves, help themselves, and in the process get to know, trust, and support others better. A friendly word, a gentle stitch, a guiding hand, a funny idea, some laughter… we can improve people’s lives one stitch at a time.

We offer:

  • Distinctive contractable programmes like, but not limited to-
    • Sew & Tell ESL©“Classes and workshops
    • Curated participatory art projects
      • “Ecology of Craft©” workshops such as Natural Dyemaking, Upcycling and Junky styling, and Flower Pounding
      • “Changing Role of Women” workshops including suffragette sash making, thematic community quilts and accessible presentations that get conversations going
      • Giant Poppy making in association with lessons about the social impacts of World War One
    • Supportive Sewing and Knitting circles: we have a knack for creating “community living rooms”  where people share sewing and craft skills, social support, and the joy of making
  • Sewing and Craft Supplies
    •   in bulk on account (an excellent choice for schools, groups and cultural organisations.)
    • our EBay store.