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Our Activities

We are a small organisation with a lot of heart, and surprising reach. We are committed to the power of art in health, and have particular strengths in textile arts. We also have exceptional insights into the realms of community building, fundraising, project development and delivery, grant administration and the context of art and health and well-being.

Our workshops impart skills and create space for reflection. They are designed to tie-in with best practice in a range of areas, particularly around mental health and well-being, and personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE). The projects we undertake through our workshops aim to give voice, personal strength, and engagement with social issues.

Our consultancy work is varied, but anchored by the themes of art and health. Currently work is underway with an ERASMUS funded project, with Arts Council England NPO Arts & Health SW, and with Portraits of Recovery.

Our activities are united by the aims of supporting and encourage people to believe in themselves, help themselves, and in the process get to know, trust, and support others better.

Our work is featured in this book:

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