MenDING: A month of blog posts themed around men and crafting! IMG_0021 Full view

MenDING: A month of blog posts themed around men and crafting!

I’m delighted to announce that starting today, Father’s Day, the Significant Seams blog will be hosting a month of posts focusing on men and crafting. We’re planning reviews, crafting stories from men, interviews with well-known male crafters, and some Volunteer Voices interviews from some of our own male volunteers. We’ll also be doing at least one feature on the history of the involvement of men in crafting!


Crafters at work, but where are the men?

We got interested in this a few months ago, as part of our discussion after International Women’s Day and the events we held. We all know craft can be used in a very feminist way, helping women to connect with each other, recognise their achievements and capabilities, and keep the creative part of our brains alive. But our male volunteers were talking about how much craft had helped them, and how few men, even in these modern times, seem to be interested in crafting, even practical things like mending tears in clothes. We wanted to look into what draws men into crafting, how it can be useful and relevant for men, and if there are barriers other than lack of interest that make it harder for men to get involved.

Paul Picture 1Here’s one, our very own Paul Douglas, but we’re sure there are more of you out there!

My personal take is that for women, craft is one of many things we can do to gain confidence and social links, but in a way it’s more meaningful in a gender sense for men because it something they may still feel discouraged from doing. I wonder if this idea will be borne out by what the men have to say this month, and if there’s anything Significant Seams could do to help more men get involved?

Rosa is a blog writer and volunteer for Significant Seams, with a passion for stories and storytelling. You can usually find her at the shop on Wednesday mornings, so feel free to stop by and chat if you have an idea for the blog.

Let’s continue with some thoughts from Edenette on MenDING:

When it comes to craft and men, many ideas concerning how the two work together vary according to time and culture. Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin and Karl Largafield are all household names when it comes to the fashion industry, proving that now male designers are highly respected and their designs sought after.

However, despite their many achievements, some of these men have significantly interesting backgrounds when it comes to their relationship with craft. For example, some of the men who craft where brought up in rural villages, where carpentry or farming were seen as desirable careers for men. One might ask, how on earth did you get into fashion? Or how did your family take your decision to choose craft as a career?

Undoubtedly, I realise that men are not entirely exempt from the world of craft but rather it is society that tells us that it would be slightly strange to see a man knitting or doing a bit of cross stitch.

Personally the concept of MenDING is all about appreciating and discovering men who craft and are proud to say so. So rather than being seen as a fashion powerhouse, this month is about men who make and mend things on a smaller scale or even just personally. MenDING is about recognising the men who DIY without drills or hammers! Be inspired…

Edenette writes for the Signifcant Seams blog, and enjoys knitting and leather crafts. She’s also a passionate poet and enjoys writing short stories and scripts.

Next MenDING post will be on Monday, come back for a review of Darn It!, a book of basic craft and housekeeping skills aimed at men!

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